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Check out this new photo that Francisco put up on his Facebook profile...

New Information

I got information straight from Mr Randez himself that his next project is a series similar to Aventuras Panama.

He will be travelling to Hawaii in April/May of 2010 for this series.

Well, Francisco, we wish you all the luck on your new project. And please be safe along your travels.

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Article from The Montreal Journal

This article is available on in French. I have provided the English translation below.

It has been four years since one of the darlings of Jean-Paul Gaultier and his face was featured on the posters of "Le Male" scent on all continents. We recently saw, with the issuance of Portfolio, TQS, that he has but one goal ... making music.

Agnes Gaudet
Journal de Montreal

Francisco Randez is what is called a p'tit Montrealer which made his way. In 2000, after the gala parade for the Golden Shoe, the TVA, he tackles Philippe Dubuc. Desperate to join his parade of spring, he calls ten times in his office. Tired of hearing his attempts, the staff of Dubuc finally transfer one of his calls to the designer, who agrees to meet with the apprentice model.

This is the beginning of his career. The [Duboc spring] parade ended, Francisco quickly integrates [within] the ranks of the prestigious Folio agency and directs his efforts in Milan and Paris. His head shaven, his eyes dark and his 6 feet 3 inch [height] opened up the gates of Europe.

At the age of 15, Francisco (skirts?) fashion. His aunt, Rose-Marie, owns the popular store Mousseline, (known today as Laurier?). In Samère, a single parent with three children needs help and the young men must quickly learn to fend for themselves. Over the years, he helps with several jobs at Mousseline: management, purchasing, styling.

He became a student of the arts in college, he made the (representation?) to pay for the basement he had rented. Each time he leaves the group, he finds that his looks attract attention.

The "Laws of Attraction"

Randez (his father is of Spanish origin) does not believe in chance, but much to the title and the "laws of attraction, are real as that of gravity," said it. His goals, he keeps in mind. And the magic happens.

Through his work and his contacts, Francisco Randez eventually endorsed the closed circle of Parisian fashion and more personally Jean-Paul Gaultier.

One day he is "given the option" to advertise for Le Male perfume and wins the contract. The advertising campaign for the scent Male is warming and he wants a big success. Pictures of Francisco wearing a sailor hat, sketched in the studio in 2002, have been used on all continents. In four yeas his face has become a prestigious brand. A rare feat of longevity.

Randez, at the time, is not known and his salary is set accordingly. Still, each year's royalties allow him to live well and prepare for his real career as a singer: "Fashion is a great boat that will allow me to make a bigger dream," he confesses. "I worked on it for three years."

Athlete and naturopath
Francisco Randez is not just a big beautiful model. All this time, he has continued his studies and received a degree in massage therapy, and is currently completing his training as a naturopath. He also moves well. That has earned him a perfect body widely used for (pubs?) underwear. After ten years of boxing, he is now in athletics and is a runner, competing in a sprint of 100 and 200 meters.

We see a few occasions were Francisco is featured in reality TV show Portfolio, led by Mahée Paiement, since February 8. An experience he adored.

But his baby is the album he is preparing with members of his group, Moujik (in honor of the album The peasant and his wife, Jean-Louis Murat), a French alternative. He has always sang and composed songs, but decided to joined forces with four musicians, including Fabrice Becker, scout acrobats at Cirque du Soleil (which is also his brother), a French, a Quebecois and Irish origin.

The band introduced a clip and three demo tracks and is ready to move into production. They only need the record company.

The singer knows that the game is not won yet, but everything is possible because it makes the image.... His physique has carried him this far, but Francisco knows that success requires more than good looks: "I am fortunate to do sport and competition," he concluded. "To move forward, we must stay on top. "

Francisco at Open Mic Night at Confesssional

Click on the picture above to be taken to the Myspace video taken by "Jeremie" on August 22, 2008 at Open Mic Night at Confessional.

Aventuras Panama on é

Go and watch all the available episodes online at é

Just click on the link above or the picture below. They will take you straight there... support our favorite man. Also support Patricia Chica and her wonderful directing!

Q & A for é

(original here)


My favorite vacation spot?

My favorite foreign city?

The place that struck me most?
The San Blas Islands, Panama

The landscape that struck me most?
The sunset in the mountains in Panama.

My favorite restaurant in Quebec?
Mikado Laurier Street.

My favorite dish?

My favorite movie?
The Godfather trilogy

My favorite book?
The perfume

The object which I never separate myself?
My blackberry

How can I escape the stress?
By making sport of athletics.

My dream trip?

What type of traveler am I?
Semi backpacker, semi cosmopolitan

Random Photos and links

Click on the picture above for the website. His photo is at the bottom. If you click on it, you will get a full size, full page photo. Very nice close up!!!

Check out this website... Our stud, Francisco is listed #2 on the top models list from Spring 2006
Men's agent Laura Virdo and Francisco Randez @ Sutherland Models 20th Anniversary.

Photobucket album

I would love to know where this person found some of these images. Go check out PoesYsanne's album for all of the photos. Here are just a few I didn't already have.

(he's on the far left in red) I found out that this is from a public Underwear Fashion Show hosted by the Bay in front of their story at Bay & Bloor during Toronto Pride Week 2006.


Recent News

According to Photographer Jimmy Hamelin's website, Francisco was at the Montreal Fashion Week. This portion took place on October 11th, 2009 at the Red Door in Montreal.

I couldn't find any pictures of him from this event. However I did find video and pictures from the fundraiser in support of the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation that he did back in June of 2009 (I've also seen it called Mode & Design 2009, Can't figure that out)... Take a look.

Video link is below the pictures.

(Photos by Richard Prudhomme)

Moon One TV - Videos Fashion - Trends - Mode & Design 2009 - Francisco Randez @ Montreal

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